Supporting Teacher Research

Supporting Teacher Research


Teachers are generally keen to do research, especially the kind of research that can help them improve their pedagogical practices. But teachers are busy people; they work long hours in school and also at home marking homework assignments.

The short paper below describes the kinds of support that teachers need to get started with their research, some of which are listed below:

1. Access to professional books and journal articles. These resources will help teachers contextualize their research within a relevant theoretical framework;

2. Time off for research. Teachers can use a couple of hours per week for their research, i.e., reading relevant literature, discussing their research with colleagues, developing research instruments etc.

3. Access to academic mentors. Schools can invite university professors to provide guidance to teachers e.g., how to conceptualize the research, how to collect and analyze data etc.;

Click on the link here to find out more about how to supporting teacher research:

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