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  1. Good evening, Sir.
    My name is Zin Me Soe from Myanmar but currently I’m studying Ph.D. course in India. I’ve joined one of your webinar “Current Trends in Teaching and Learning EFL/ESL” which was conducted Buriram Rajabhat University. I still remember your lecture “FLAMINGOES”. Thank you for valuable and informative sharing knowledge. And today I’ve listened one of your lecture which was uploaded on your YouTube channel “Teaching Grammar as Ability”. It’s also really interesting topic and it is helpful my research area also. In Grammar as an ability approach, you mentioned non-linear and implicit. The one I would like to ask you is how can I integrate the role of culture in teaching grammar implicitly. I’m looking forward your reply.
    Thank you for your time.
    With best wishes
    Zin Me Soe
    Research scholar
    Manipur University, India

  2. Good night, Sir,

    I’m Dahlia from AISEI writing community. I am very inspire to know you by joining The 3rd National Symposium British Council on last October month, 2020. Would you please share to us your writing experience on 05 January 2021 at 18.30 pm through online learning, Sir? Here my email for your confirmation: dahlia.silitonga@ymail.com and my WA number 08892554793. I am glad to hear your response, Sir. Thank you for your kind attention.

    best regards,
    Dahlia L. Silitonga

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