Tech-Enhanced Speaking Lesson

Tech-Enhanced Speaking Lesson


Teaching with technology requires quite a bit of preparations. We need to think about appropriate technology that can be used to engage students in the different stages of our lesson.

Another important thing to remember is that our lesson needs to be designed in  such as way so that it reflects best practices in terms of theories and principles of language learning.

Here is a sample lesson that integrates technology with ELT principles.

  1. Explain and model the target text: PowerPoint slides plus several sample/model texts. The teacher can create a sample text themselves, or use model texts from internet sources such as TED Talks
  2. Explore: The teacher highlights typical text structure and language features of the target text. Screencast O Matic is an excellent tool for this purpose.
  3. Practice 1: In small groups (Zoom breakout rooms or whatsapp video chat), students share and exchange ideas in English
  4. Practice 2: Students form a new group and repeat #3 above
  5. Presentation: Students rehearse their presentation using Speech to Text app. Then have their presentation recorded using Flipgrid. The recording is then shared with the teacher and the rest of the class.
  6. Teacher/student Feedback: Audio/Video-based feedback can be provided using Flipgrid. Flipgrid is versatile as feedback can be given in different modes (text, audio or video) and immediately shared for the whole class to see.
  7. Student reflection: Students reflect on their performance and then prepare a one minute video clip using Flipgrid on areas that they need to improve on.
  8. End of lesson.

The lesson sequence above, if done properly, can help students develop not only accuracy but also fluency of speaking.


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  1. Hello, Pak Willy. Greetings from Jember.
    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name’s I Putu Sukmaantara, please call me Putu. I am teaching in FKIP UNEJ, with Bu Eka.

    This semester I have a speaking class, but I do not have Flipgrid. I ask my students to record themselves by whatever they have and ask them to share the link with the class. We usually have presentations and discussions in ZOOM.
    FYI, I am not so keen in online apps and techs for teaching, but would love to learn.

    I’d love to hear from you as I’d want to learn from you.
    Thank you.

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