RfP Pedagogy: A New Pedagogy?

RfP Pedagogy: A New Pedagogy?

RfP Pedagogy: A new pedagogy?

Yes and no.

RfP stands for Reading for Pleasure, which research has shown to be positively associated with reading (and academic) achievements.

So this is not a new idea. We have known this for years, i.e. students who read a great deal for pleasure become better readers, good spellers, competent writers and motivated learners.

However it is only recently that literacy researchers have seriously thought about a pedagogical model that captures the key ingredients of ‘teaching’ reading for pleasure in the classroom context.

The rationale for developing the RfP model is actually quite simple. Skills-based pedagogy helps students become more skilled readers, but not necessarily enthusiastic readers.

To nurture enthusiastic, life-long readers, children need to learn how to enjoy reading from early on.

And the best place to do this is in the classroom, where teachers use a RfP Pedagogy to model pleasure reading, to create book-rich environments in the classroom where students get to pick books that they like to read, and to provide multiple opportunities for them to share their excitements about the books with their peers.

Unfortunately, most of us are not familiar with this new pedagogy. We are so used to the more familiar skills-focused pedagogy. We tend to focus more, if not solely, on the teaching of reading skills and strategies.

Small wonder that our students become skilled and strategic readers, but not necessarily avid or enthusiastic readers.

To learn more about the power of pleasure reading/listening, click here. 


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