Listening Strategies: Should We Teach Them?

Listening Strategies: Should We Teach Them?

Free ebook: Originally published in ELTWO-NUS (2012). Click to download.

In this short eBook, I present 5 reasons why teaching listening strategies to lower proficiency students may not be the best way to help them improve their listening ability. For this group of students, it is pedagogically more productive to expose them to a large quantity of rich language input either via extensive listening and/or viewing.

Not only is this more enjoyable for the majority of students, it is also more efficient in terms of developing their implicit knowledge of the language. Both empirical and experiential evidence clearly shows that this type of knowledge is largely responsible for our ability to use language for communicative purposes.

We draw upon this complex and implicit linguistic knowledge when we share our thoughts with other people, when we exchange friendly arguments with them, when we crack jokes, when we read our favourite novels or when we watch exciting TED talks and when we write email messages etc.



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  1. Listening seems to be difficult for students. By learning the strategies, the students and teachers would manage the English class well. The focus here is to improve students’ Listening strategies. Thanks for sharing pak Willy

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