Inspirational Stories from the English Language Classrooms

Inspirational Stories from the English Language Classrooms

Our lives are organized around stories. We create stories to make sense of the world around us. We share our feelings, passion, fear, sadness, disappointment, happiness often through stories.

People say that stories make us human; many in fact believe that our brains are hardwired to perceive the world through stories and to share our life experiences also through stories.

For centuries, stories have also been used for teaching and learning purposes. Young children in particular enjoy listening to stories and in the process, acquire both conceptual and practical knowledge about the world.

The book entitled Inspirational Stories from the Language Classrooms is an authentic collection of uplifting stories told by English language teachers from around the world.

These stories have been written to help us become a more reflective teacher, a wiser practitioner, and … a better person.

Prof Alan Maley, a renowned ELT scholar, wrote the following preface to this excellent collection of stories.

Teacher training aims to equip teachers with basic knowledge and skills. But to achieve depth, maturity and teacher wisdom, we need the additional catalyst of lived experience. This book offers teachers just that – a rich resource of other teachers’ stories to activate reflection on their own teaching values and practices. This will be a must for teacher development groups and for individual teachers to reflect on too.

To view or download these stories, click here. 

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