Can Technology Improve Language Proficiency?

Can Technology Improve Language Proficiency?

Technology has now become a common feature in education. Teachers use this tool to plan and deliver their lessons, to assign homework to reinforce learning and also to monitor and assess learning outcomes.

Language teachers too now use technology to teach and engage their students in the language classroom. While technology can be used to support and facilitate student learning in general, most language teachers are ultimately concerned about the question of whether and to what extent technology can be used optimally to improve students’ language proficiency.

My talk in a recent webinar organized jointly by TEFLIN and the British council Indonesia on 16 May 2020 sought to address this very question: whether technology can help students become more skilled in using English for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In my talk, I suggest that the use of technology will need to be firmly based on strong pedagogical principles, without which the use of technology may not produce the desired learning outcomes.

I also argue that it is when teachers blend technology with a set of effective L2 learning principles can they expect to see significant improvement in students’ proficiency in English.

My slides can be downloaded here.

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