Are Your Students Motivated or Demotivated?

Are Your Students Motivated or Demotivated?

Teaching students who are motivated is every teacher’s dream. Motivated students are attentive, enthusiastic and hard-working. They do their best to get the most from your lesson not because they have to, but because they want to.

Research shows that motivated students put in more efforts in their learning, do not give up easily when encountering difficulties, and use productive learning strategies and always try to find ways to become the best that they can be.

Research also shows that L2 learners are not always motivated. Indeed, repeated observations show that the majority are not motivated. They come to class without any preparation, they show lack of interest in the lesson, and some may show disruptive behaviour.

What are some of the reasons why students are demotivated? Is it their fault that they are not motivated? What can teachers do to motivate students and, more importantly, to sustain their motivation for a longer period of time.

The article Demotivation in L2 classrooms: Teacher and Learner Factors (Chong, Renandya & Ng, 2019) explains what teachers and learners can do to nurture and increase the level of motivation in the language classroom.

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  1. Very useful information. Do you have references about rural students’ motivation in learning English as a foreign language? I am conducting a research about this issue. Thanks before.

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